Frequently Asked Questions

(F1) Do you deliver free of charge?

In most cases we deliver free of charge (with Swiss Post Economy / B-Post). This may be the case of following:

Tariff zone Free of charge up to ... kg
CH, LI up to 2 kg
AD,AT,BE,FR,DE,VA,IT,LU,MC,NL up to 1 kg
other countries up to 0.5 kg


Check postal delivery times

Import duties costs occur by imports into countries outside of Switzerland, which the customer has to carry. These vary in different customs territories. The customer is responsible for the normal removal of the necessary tariffs and fees. Import duties are not included in shipping and handling costs.

You should inform about the resulting tariffs on the Website of your country.

Duties Germany:
Duties Austria:

Links to customs websites (english)

Autres Sites de Douanes (en français)

(F2) How can I pay?

Either by cash on delivery (only within Switzerland and Germany), by credit card over Paypal, over your Paypal or a Moneybookers account or for you extra profitable: cash before delivery. If you choose 'cash before delivery' you will receive 3% discount.

(F3) How can I try on textile underwear?

It is important that you wear your own brief under the new underwear you want to try on if it fits. Only bra's you can try on without somewhat under it.

(F4) Can I also order by invoice?

A supply by invoice is at present not possible. Payment losses are here too high and we would not that you will charged for the invoice of others, because we have to calculate these losses into our prices. Thus, we remain low priced and you simply and comfortably pay by cash on delivery, credit card, Paypal, Moneybookers or cash before delivery (here you save withal 3%!).

(F5) How quickly do I get my order?

If your articles are available and the post office plays along, your merchandise is within three to seven workdays (Europe) with you. If it should come to unexpected delivery delays, we will inform you naturally immediately by e-mail.

(F6) How do I receive my money back in case of a good exchange?

By Avegret® you have full rights to exchange every article between fourteen days.
If the articles should not please you or not fit, send this articles simply back to us and you will receive your money back by transfer on your bank account (within Switzerland and Germany), Paypal or Moneybookers account or in form of a coupon on your Avegret® account. Shipping cost will not recharched. (In case of a free Economy shipping the needed shipping costs will deduct the refund value.)

Upon acceptance denial, non-collection of ordered goods or undeliverable due deliberately given false delivery address will Avegret of redemption and persecution obligation liable. The redemption of these articles or a new shipping is fee required. The renewed shipping requires sending a reasoned written request. The redemption costs arise from expense allowance, management and recovery costs, as well as duties and postage fees. They are payable in advance. Avegret will pay back upon receipt of the goods less the redemption cost to the customer, if Avegret does not receives a request for a new shipping and the customer had the bill already paid.

There are following approaches:
For the complete withdrawal of the product by Avegret a rate of 20 percent of the trade value will be charged. The sentence for a re-shipping is 5 percent of the trade value.

(F7) Can I exchange my purchased articles?

Of course! Avegret® offers safe online shopping: You can look at and try on your articles at home without ruffle or excitement. If the article should not assure or if you need another size: Within 14 days you can return all or individual pieces free of charge without indication of any reasons. You receive either the desired new article or your money back.

If you have another question, do not hesitate and contact us.